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Proof Of Life Productions has the talent to handle any project.

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Disabled Veteran Owned

We are a small Creative Team located in Huntsville, Alabama. Our skill sets vary from Military operations subject matter experts, training development, Cinematography, 3D and visual effects, Web design, data base development, and Live event production.

FAA certified Small Unmanned Aircraft Systems (Drone) operator with 25 years of manned and unmanned flight experience as an instructor pilot and instrument flight examiner in the US Army and UAS project offices. Our in-house drone is an Inspire 1 Raw giving 4K Raw footage that matches well with our 6K Red Epic Dragon footage.

Digital Cinema

Using 6K Red Epic Dragon Cinema cameras and cinema lenses not only future proofs your investment but gives a beautiful unique look to your project. This quality is not out of reach of most budgets. We create your vision in stunning detail and in the highest quality formats.

Web Development

Fully managed and hosted on our dedicated servers with no more than 10 websites on each server. High-end and unique back end structure allows you to modify your content with amazing ease while the managed site gives peace of mind and reduces your workload.


Behind the Scenes, Portrait, Product, Photojournalism, and Corporate. Any photography you require we can provide. Highest resolution in multiple formats from top of the line camera and lenses. Energetic and professional photographer with an amazing eye and a keen knowledge of framing and composition. A deep understanding of Set Etiquette makes the BTS work transparent to the crew and actors.

How We Work

We don’t think out of the box, WE HAVE NEVER BEEN IN A BOX TO BEGIN WITH. Creative innovative thinking without the hesitation that allows your competitors get ahead of you. Move you projects from concept to completion quickly with a flexible team.


Always looking forward to technology and practices to benefit your project is the only way to stay ahead of the competition. We continually update our inventory of equipment and skills so we are not tied to current trends but allows us to produce unique products.


From concept to completion our creative talent is stunning in every department. Cinematographers, Web designers, graphic artist, 3D artists, Actors, Crew, and writers all love what they do and it shows. The creativity will allow your project to stand out from the crowd.


Combined years in each discipline is over 60 years with dedication to enhancing our skills through training, rehearsal, and plain old proven hard work. Trying to turn our team off for the weekend is a task that cannot be completed. We are dedicated to making your project succeed.


Our Focus is simple, YOU. Your goals become our goals and we will not lose that focus. The success of your project is why we exist and our focus on that goal will be laser sharp.

Change the way you look at
Digital Media

It’s not Average. Cinematic presentation of your project will elevate you above the competition. 6K footage future proofs your investment and allow you to use the assets for years to come.

Why Cinematic

Capturing the full attention of your client and creating a lasting impression is the challenge. Visually stunning content aids the client in the recall of your message, project, website, and training. Quality makes a difference and attention to detail from script to production, visuals and audio, to post production and delivery will be the highest quality regardless of the project.


We Are Here For You

Our services are extensive but listed below are our CORE services.







We Are Designers
We Are Programmers
We Are Filmers
We Are Developers
We Are Creative

Our Process

What can You Expect

Our Process is designed to relieve stress from YOU on your project. Our team will aid in the entire project from concept to delivery.


The first meeting will be the start of the creative process. We will brain storm with you and absorb your goals and desires into our development process. The outline will be developed at first contact.


All pre-production from staffing, scripting, casting, rehearsals, set design, location selection, gather web assets, design art work, and begin modeling of 3D and practical assets are in this phase.


Production of your project is some hard work with Filming, Coding, and creative services all humming full speed. This process could be day or weeks depending on your project size.


We deliver polished professional results and never forget about you after the delivery. We believe the results will allow us to start the process all over again with your next project.

It’s time to get started so don’t let your competitors get ahead of you. Contact us to start the process of turning your Vision into Reality.

Latest News

POLVP Running HIPAA compliant High speed Servers

POLVP is running HIPAA compliant servers now with extreme power at low cost. With off site back up and secure facilities your data will never be safer and more secure. Weather you choose a shard server with 9 other sites or your very own server, your business becomes our business. The best web and network developer continually monitors the servers and a guaranteed 1 hour replacement in the event of hardware failure will give you and your customers peace of mind.

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